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Case Studies

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Case Studies

Hospital Cleaning

Hospital Cleaning


1.0   The Objective

Quality is extremely important to Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists and to our clients. It is the platform upon which Hospitals can safely deliver services and comply with national guidelines and safeguard the health of patients. Since 2005, Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists have facilitated and supported rationalisation and budgetary control for many hospitals.

2.0   Our Solution

Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists implemented a programme of rationalisation.

We achieved this programme through:


  • ​​New labour-saving products
  • Tools
  • Service options


  • Better utilisation and full review of activities
  • Quality performance
  • Performance management
  • KPIs
  • Revised schedules of works
  • Rosters

Training and Development

  • Refresher courses
  • Up-skilling

3.0   The Benefits of our Solution

We have achieved a minimum score of 95% in hygiene audits, and had measurable results in budgetary control and in standards achieved, even during periods of construction phases.   
On occasions we have achieved these results with a reduced budget while maintaining an excellent quality of service.

We have provided value for money using best practice and tools and resources such as:

  • Training
  • Equipment
  • National Guidelines and Standards
  • Strong management and supervision

We have maintained excellent standards and quality within strict budgets. We have provided a value for money service with no hidden costs. 

Upon competitor comparisons on hourly rate charges, Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists may not be the cheapest provider; however, on an output-based comparison, We undoubtedly offer a value for money service that realises cost savings.

Case Studies

".....The integration of Derrycourt Cleaning Specialist into our site has been superb, with their presence contributing significantly to the fight against Healthcare Associated Infections and to the provision of safer hospital environment."

Awards, Accreditations and Associated Bodies

Health and Safety
Irish Clean Room Society
ISO 2015
Contractor Plus
ISO 14001
European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards
Checkout National Retail Supplier Awards
Facilities Management Awards

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