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Case Studies

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Case Studies

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning


1.0 Introduction:

When undertaking a new contract with a newly appointed outsourced service provider, such as a contract cleaning company,  you want to ensure that you select a Contract Cleaning Company:

  • who are willing to develop a strong working relationship with you
  • who are reliable and willing to work around your hours 
  • who will develop a cleaning process so you can concentrate on your business
  • who can provide you a one stop shop for all your requirements or is willing to provide individual services 
  • who can ensure that the work will get done as required
  • who can provide cost savings and efficiencies 
  • who ensures that there is consistency in the quality of a service provided

2.0 Objective

To illustrate Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists systematic approach providing  a perfectly seamless provision of service with the minimum of disruption and inconvenience to our clients.

3.0 Solution

Many of our office clients either have multi location sites or had many different providers for several services such as  

  • wash room services
  • contract cleaning
  • canteen staff etc.
  • Window cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Carpet /floor maintenance

4.0 The Benefit of the Derrycourt Solution

Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists have delivered cost savings, increased efficiency to our clients who require office cleaning by consolidating this serivces by letting us provide these services.

  • We reduce the number of invoices that have to be dealt with by the client – streamlining and reducing administration costs.
  • Provided efficiencies on all sites
  • Providing cleaning within and outside office hours
  • Implementing consistent standards and services
  • Provide a fully managed service that ensures our clients can focus on their own business knowing that Derrycourt will take care of all their cleaning requirements from the replenishment of washroom facilities, to the provision of catering supplies and the daily office cleaning.

Awards, Accreditations and Associated Bodies

Health and Safety
Irish Clean Room Society
ISO 2015
Contractor Plus
ISO 14001
European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards
Checkout National Retail Supplier Awards
Facilities Management Awards

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