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Derrycourt, is a Specialist Cleaning company and provides a host of services, which includes cleaning and decontamination services across a wide variety of industries, with a dominance in the healthcare sector.

In the present Coronavirus / COVID-19 challenged environment, many new demands present themselves daily to our organisation, our clients, our suppliers and our employees. With this in mind, and given recent announcements by the Government and the HSE,  it is vital that cleaning companies like ours maintain their ability to be able to continue the uninterrupted supply of vital hygiene and infection prevention control measures and support for the continued wellbeing of the public at large that use the premises we serve.

For this reason, we have undertaken a host of initiatives to keep our stakeholders informed and is done to the best of our ability under some very trying circumstances.

So what have we done so far ?

  • Communicated to all our clients, our Business Continuity Plans
  • Increased our drive to employ more Cleaning Operatives and associated training to support an increasing demand for cleaning and sanitisation services.
  • Shared training with all our staff on how best to clean and decontaminate for tackling COVID-19, whilst ensuring their own safety through training and provision of PPE
  • Internal awareness campaigns to all our staff and their working sites, what counter-measures, tips and best practices to apply (see below links for more)
  • Segregated our Head-office support functions and all field based managers to work from home and to reduce day to day interactions to what is essential to operate and reconfigured our IT capabilities to enable this
  • Initiated new cleaning and decontamination services for clients and healthcare to utilise for purposes of deep cleans or where suspected/confirmed cases arise
  • Contacted our Supply Chain partners to secure essential supplies, and initiated sourcing viable alternatives where supplies are not deemed secure over the longer term
  • Introduced and increased daily frequency cleans and disinfections of key sites, especially Healthcare or where other types of clients have requested this – e.g. training of staff on correct hand cleaning hygiene practices or disinfecting of high traffic areas and touchpoints (handles, doors, rails, switches, etc)
  • Taken the approach to be flexible (where feasible) on placement of staff and their working hours, depending on what our clients can support, given that schools, colleges, museums and creches will be closed and place home pressures on the availability of staff due to child-minding demands.
  • Provision of sanitisers and disinfectant wipes and PPE to our staff to help protect them further in their day to day tasks
  • Ensure our Quality Auditors and Area manager focus on critical client sites as well as essential healthcare sites
  • To reduce, where appropriate, actual site visits but to make a corresponding increase in contacts with the necessary clients via phone and multi media channels


Where are helpful resources, should you need them ?

We have actively driven all guidance and advice given by the HSE and from professional bodies we work closely with, like BICS (British Institute of Cleaning Sciences) and the ICCA (Irish Contract Cleaning Association).

To this end, should you require more information – visit the following website links:

For a short video about basic precautions issued by the HSE for the general public go to:

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