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Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging/Decontamination Cleaning

Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging/Decontamination Cleaning

Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging is a specialised service provided by Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists to adhoc clients who have difficulty removing infectious bacteria from their facilities.

Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging is used to eradicate and destroy infectious bacteria including all forms of vegetative bacteria, bacterial spores, fungi, fungal spores and viruses. Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging attacks the Cell Membrane of the bacteria. These bacteria and viruses are often found in:

What are the benefits?

Derrycourt provides this service to a number of hospitals and companies whose manufacturing processes require very controlled environments such as cleanroom facilities on a regular basis.

Our Experience

Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists have extensive experience providing Contract Cleaning Services for Hospital, Healthcare and Control Area's such as Clean Room environments. We work with a number of large multinational companies and are the number one service provider to the Health establishments within the Leinster Region. Many of our clients have won IASI, Golden Service and ICCA Awards including "The Cleanest Healthcare Premises in Ireland and UK". We  work in harmony with the on-site health care professionals, we ensure that the highest levels of hygiene are maintained.

Our Reputation

We have built our reputation on delivery of a seamless, reliable and professional service for all our clients. We have won multi-awards for our Healthcare Contract Cleaning Services including the "Cleanest Healthcare Premises in Ireland and the UK".  Having the assurance that your Hospital and Healthcare facility is cleaned to the highest standards allows you and your staff to look after your Patients.

Additional Services for Cleanroom and Infection Control Environments

Reasons to select Derrycourt as your Cleanroom and Infection Control partner

"Derrycourt are contracted to provide us with Infection Control Service upon request. This service is provided in clinical areas following specific bacterial infection. Our experience Derrycourt are completely professional in their approach, this includes a full audit of the area, submission of a transparent methods statement prior to commencement and thorough report on all activities on completion of the work. "Healthcare Cleaning Client 


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